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Desmos Classroom Activities

3 Act Math Tasks


8 videos that prove math is awesome

Video to Guide Learning – these two sites let you find a video, add stopping points with questions, and get a report of student progress and learning – both link to Google Classroom!

  1. EdPuzzle – click here to join my “class” and learn about Googol
  2. Playposit (a.k.a. EduCanon) – click here to watch a video about Pi Day

Formative Assessment

Formative – students can draw their responses

Kahoot – teacher-led quizzes, can be competitive

Quizizz – student-paced, can assign as homework


GeoGebra – app available for chromebooks

Get the Math – Multimedia Math Challenges about Careers

Solving single variable equations OR using substitution for a system of equations

Green Hills AEA Math Website

Grant Wood AEA Math Website

Unanswerable Questions Blog

Bad Math Flickr Group – photos, mostly from stores, where the math just doesn’t “add up” – what if your students took their own photos?!



10 YouTube Channels for Teaching/Learning Math – from FreeTech4Teachers blog

PBS Math Club

Cool Math Videos


Chrome Apps, Extensions, and Add-ons

20 Chrome Extensions, Web Apps, and Add-ons for Math

SnagIt Chrome Extension – you and students can take screenshots and share in Google Classroom or email or presentations

4 Math Add-Ons for Google Docs

10 Best Chrome Apps for Math Teachers
Games and apps recommended by Dr. Jo Boaler
Puzzles using the idea of balance for solving equations

Math Planet – app for 1-8

Calculation Nation – interactive games from NCTM – Over 1000 K-6 activities mapped to curriculum

Bedtime Math – locate fun mathematics activities for elementary school and middle school students. The activities are designed for students to do at home with their parents.


Augmented Reality

Math Techniques and Strategies – Using Google Cardboard and Trigonometry

AR Flashcards – Addition

PBS Lunch Rush! – Not working on iOS 9

PBS Shape Quest

Arloon Geometry

zSpace and GeoGebra