PhET provides fun, free, interactive, research-based science and mathematics simulations.

NetLogo, a programming language designed to model massively parallel systems (falling leaves, flocking birds, ants foraging for food). Use simulations already created or program your own. Example Autumn

Celestia – Space simulation that allows you to explore the universe in 3D.

GHAEA Resources

NetTrekker – search by NGSS Standards

Defined STEM – utilizes real world videos to demonstrate relevance to students, performance tasks, aligned to NGSS

AEA Video Resources


AEA Digital Library

Other sites

Best NGSS Apps, Games and Websites is great virtual surgery/engineering site –  many of the activities are 6-12

Biodigital Human – virtually manipulate body systems – log in with Google

Online Graphing/Charting Sites (great for lab data):  Online Chart Tool   &   Create a Graph


Virtual and Augmented Reality

Google Cardboard apps

Science AR

Anatomy 4D by Daqri (the Body, the Heart)

Elements 4D by Daqri

Aurasma – create your own Augmented Reality experience

3D Virtual Reality videos