PhET provides fun, free, interactive, research-based science and mathematics simulations.

CK-12 has many Physics and Chemistry Simulations and PLIX (Play, Learn, Interact, Xplore) activities as well as FlexBooks and adaptive practice modules

NetLogo, a programming language designed to model massively parallel systems (falling leaves, flocking birds, ants foraging for food). Use simulations already created or program your own. Example Autumn

Celestia – Space simulation that allows you to explore the universe in 3D.

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AEA Digital Library


Other sites

Best NGSS Apps, Games and Websites is great virtual surgery/engineering site –  many of the activities are 6-12

Biodigital Human – virtually manipulate body systems – log in with Google

Online Graphing/Charting Sites (great for lab data):  Online Chart Tool   &   Create a Graph


Virtual and Augmented Reality

Google Expeditions – Check out the kit from Julia Hood

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Science AR

Anatomy 4D by Daqri (the Body, the Heart)

Elements 4D by Daqri

Aurasma – create your own Augmented Reality experience

3D Virtual Reality videos