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Google Expeditions in Augmented Reality

You can now experience Google Expeditions in augmented reality (AR).  There are over 100 Expeditions now available in AR. The AR experience works with the Google Expeditions app downloaded onto a mobile device and a set of markers that need to be printed.


Last week, I had the opportunity to try out an Expedition in AR with a group of 1st graders at CAM North Elementary.  The class is studying patterns in space and we did an Expedition on the phases of the moon. We learned quickly that the AR only worked on the newest iPad’s in the room. The others were able to view the Expedition, but it was in the traditional format, not in augmented reality.  The kids took turns using the four iPads that supported the AR so they were all able to experience it. The kids were extremely engaged in the activity and loved being able to walk around and look at the moon from different angles and in different sizes.

Upon further investigation, the AR is only supported in ARCore (Android) and ARKit (iOS) devices. ARCore is available in Android devices 7.0 or later.  ARKit is available in Apple devices iPhone 6S/6S Plus or later, and iPad 2017 or later and requires iOS 11.0 or later. If all this sounds intimidating, no worries. Green Hills AEA has purchased two AR compatible Expeditions Kits that we hope will be available for check out sometime after Winter Break!