Digital Learning Day, February 28th

Twitter-Map-DLD-2019Every day could be digital learning day, but there is one day a year “dedicated” to digital learning and that is the last day of February, the 28th. Here are some ideas to celebrate…

FlipGrid – give every student (or teacher) a voice! Inspire students to speak up with topics such as booktalks, current events, reflections. Let them TELL you how they would solve a math problem, SHOW you the results of a science lab, READ you their favorite book. Or, you can go to GridPals and match your class with another class in the country or world and students can share ideas across the globe!! FlipGrid is free as of last summer so you can have as many grids and topics as you need.

Epic is a free digital library for educators and students 12 and under. It has award-winning fiction, non-fiction, STEM, biographies, graphic novels, DIY & more.

Focus on Digital Citizenship! Lead a Digital Citizenship lesson from Common Sense education or have students learn by playing a game at Google’s Be Internet Awesome.

Students love to write… they also love to take selfies and videos of themselves. Combine these motivations by asking them to write a story, explain a complex math problem, document their science lab and more using the BookCreator app! They can easily add photos and videos, Google maps, copyright free images from Google, or even draw! The free version allows teachers to create a library that can house up to 40 student-made books.

Some more ideas for Digital Learning Day… have students create a travel “journal” using Google’s Tour Builder or MyMaps. Take them on a virtual field trip or let them experience Augmented Reality with Google Expeditions.

Finally, check out our Tech Across the Curriculum site for many more ideas to make Digital Learning Day an everyday event!!

Are you participating in Digital Learning Day on February 28, 2019? Add your event to the #DLDay map today:

Thanks to Joni Ehm for helping me with this blog post!!

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