Keep Organized with Google Keep

27762070310_7e54c7a928_bBesides Docs, Sheets, Drive, and Slides, Google has many tools that are very useful in the K-12 world but that many educators and students have yet to explore. One of my favorites is Google Keep. This little gem lets you keep and share notes, images, lists, drawings, etc. Keep automatically syncs from your smartphone app to your laptop to your tablet. There is a Chrome extension for your browser to make it easy to Keep (bookmark) sites. Here are just a few of the many ways to use Keep:

  • take notes (either typed or voice recordings)
  • bookmark links
  • get time-based alerts
  • get location-based notifications
  • use a check list to manage and plan group or individual projects
  • share notes, images, screenshots
  • create digital notecards for research – notes, citations, page numbers

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 3.35.44 PM

You’ll find Keep Notepad under the Tools menu in Google Docs and Slides. Clicking on this opens all your Keep notes in the right-side panel where you can simply click and drag to add images, stickers, notes, whatever you have added to Keep, to your documents and slides!

All students and teachers should have this little treasure on their devices! Give Google Keep a try! For great Keep resources go to for Kasey Bell’s blog and links to her Google Keep resources on Pinterest.

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