Hour of Code All Year!

I hope that you saw the same enthusiasm and excitement of students that I did during Hour of Code this year! Coding helps to develop not only computer skills, but also logic, math, problem solving, design and more. Iowa’s Senate File 274 created a Computer Science Education Work Group and so created the foundation for strengthening CS education in our state! The goal, according to this workgroup’s report is “that by July 1, 2019, every elementary school will offer instruction in the fundamentals of computer science; every middle school will offer exploratory computer science; and every high school will offer at least one high-quality computer science course.”

Now that the official Hour of Code is over for 2017, give your students the opportunity to continue to code, make apps, create webpages and control robots! Here are some ideas and resources beyond the hour of code…

Beyond Hour of Code – Click on “for Teachers” and you’ll find courses you can teach divided into elementary, middle and high school. They offer free workshops for teachers and a selection of courses to lead students through.

Google’s CS First Curriculum helps teachers, parents, club sponsors who have no computer science background, lead a “club” for students. After setting up the club, the leader will have access to the dashboard where they can track student progress and projects. Students will learn from the instructional videos (and each other!) Students will be learning Scratch (block coding) to create their projects.

Code Academy is an option for older students to learn to code, create apps, create websites and more!

MIT App Inventor has curriculum and resources for teachers and/or students can use the step-by-step guides to learn and create their own apps.

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