Create Your Own 3D World with CoSpaces

This summer, 7 students and I spent a week learning and creating with CoSpaces at our local public library. This site lets you imagine, create, then virtually “walk around in” your created world (with a mobile device and perhaps 3D VR glasses.) You can simply create a space, or tell a story by creating several different scenes and adding narration. To take it even further, you can use the integrated Blockly coding app to make objects move, fly, and more! Imagine the classroom applications for this: creativity, STEM, storytelling, modeling, virtual exhibitions, and much more! You can create and view the worlds on any device! CoSpaces has an excellent YouTube channel with easy to follow short tutorials so students can learn this program even if the teacher is not an expert!

You can choose from CoSpaces Maker (single user) or the new CoSpaces EDU for classroom/student licenses, lesson plans, and more. There is a cost to the EDU version.

Here are some “worlds” from a few of the students this summer, who, by the way, LOVED this program and would go home in the evenings and keep working. Click and drag to look around 360 degrees. Click on some of the objects to make them move. Enjoy exploring their worlds! Thanks to Zach, Grace, Justin, and Ernie!

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