Google Earth Online – Made for Chrome

Finally, Google Earth is available for Chromebooks (or in the Chrome browser on a Mac or PD) and is totally online! Go to, click “Launch Google Earth” and off you go! Obviously, this is a great move by Google to support all our students with Chromebooks. Students can now see and experience their neighborhood, state, country and the world from their desk or home. There are also some new features of Google Earth that you and your students will want to explore:

  1. Post Cards – By “sharing”, you can now send a ‘postcard’ just like you were really there! You can also share an image right to your Google Classroom!
  2. Voyager – Visit places with a guided tour from experts –  info cards that take you between locations as you click through. Click and drag “Peg Man” to go to Street View down to ground level. Awesome!
  3. I’m Feeling Lucky – The “random” button, which looks like a dice, takes you… anywhere – randomly to places you may never have thought to visit otherwise. What fun!

Here’s a nice tutorial to share with your students!

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