Google Keep just joined Google Docs


For those of you out there who like using sticky notes and can’t get enough of Pinterest, you will love Google Keep.  It is virtual sticky notes and so much more.  I was not a fan as I am a list person, not pictures.  It is always good to take a second look and now that Google Keep is integrated with Google Docs under Tools, I am feeling enthusiastic.  It does sync across all types of devices.  So let me share some of the features and end with a YouTube Video from the Ditch the Textbook blog.  

First of all, it works on all devices and syncs your resources.  I really like the audio notes because it records your note and transcribes it.  

You can add collaborators to your Google Keeps and you can organize them with labels and color coding.  

An amazing feature which you will see in the video is how Google Keep turns a text picture into editable text.  

Of course, it sets reminders and has checklists.  The reminders can be the usual ones based on date and time or it has another fantastic feature where the reminder is based on your location.  Works with GPS.  

You can search your Google Keep.  No more, ‘where did I put that note’.  It has a Chrome extension so it is easy to add a website to your Google Keep.  This could be a great way to save your favorites.  

10 ways Google Keep can streamline your life at school by Ditch That Textbook

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