Where should a young Social Scientist look?

Do you wonder where to get high quality information and data about all of the countries of the world?  Would you like to skip combing through a plethora of useless resources on Google to find a few nuggets of information about different countries?  The Iowa AEA Online Databases offer the solution.Where should a young Social Scientist look-  (1)

CultureGrams from ProQuest goes beyond basic facts and figures with local perspectives on more than 200 countries, detailing daily life and culture, including history, customs, and lifestyles. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, each concise, reliable, and up-to-date report is written and reviewed by local experts, providing users with unique, intimate cultural details from a real insider’s perspective.

Britannica Online offers several databases for the young social scientist.  The first is the Britannica Encyclopedia school edition with over 120,000 articles revised and updated on a continuous bases.  These articles are offered for elementary, middle and high school students.  Each has the text to speech component.  Multimedia and additional resources are included. Encyclopædia Britannica World Data Analyst combines detailed statistics with powerful tools for analysis and display, this resource features a unique collectioWhere should a young Social Scientist look-n of in-depth information about the countries of the world and allows you to create interesting and informative comparative charts and tables. The last is SIRS, Social Issues Researcher for grades 9-12.  This provides information on current topics in countries of the world from newspapers, magazines, reference books and select websites.  Young Social Scientists will find much in not all what they need in these resources.  

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