Virtual Field Trips with Google Expeditions and Cardboard

In the last few weeks, elementary students in Council Bluffs District and middle school students at Lewis Central District got Google Expto take a field trip! However, they never had to leave their school. Thanks to Google selecting them to pilot the soon to be released “Google Expeditions“, students were each handed a Google Cardboard VR viewer. Their teacher was in charge on a tablet with the Expeditions app and selected what students saw and experienced in their viewer.

Students were able to travel to Shakespeare’s London, the moon and Mars, under the ocean, the Grand Canyon, the jungle, and many more places! Right now, Google Expeditions has over 100 “experiences” for teachers and their students!  Teachers can easily point out important details that they want students to focus on. There are also editable notes for teachers to help them explain to students what they are seeing in their viewers.

If you are interested in trying out Google Expeditions, scroll down on the Expeditions link and sign up. Otherwise, wait until fall when Google expects to release this app to the world!

If you are a school in Green Hills AEA in southwest Iowa and want to check out Google Cardboard viewers (or VR viewers from Sunny Peak), you can check them out from Green Hills AEA at MediaNet. There are more and more apps that work with these VR 3D viewers plus you need an iPod, iPhone, or Android device!


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