Do Space


Do Space is open in Omaha and free to anyone who wants to visit and experience.  Drop in at 7205 Dodge Street, Omaha, NE 68114  

They are open for tours so, science, technology, and teachers of all areas bring your students to Do Space and experience a new kind of magic.

Call or email to set up a visit.

The future belongs to those who understand technology. And the only way to ensure we’ll be part of this future is to dramatically change technology access and education.

This is what Do Space is all about.

Do Space is a one-of-a-kind concept: it’s a community technology library, a digital workshop and an innovation playground filled with new opportunities to learn, grow, explore and create. Our every action, from working with the Omaha community to setting a new technology education standard, is based on four core principles:

  1. We’re a technology equalizer, giving people from all walks of life access to software, computing and emerging technology.
  2. We’re a technology enabler, empowering everyone with the tools and guidance needed to learn, create, explore and invent with technology.
  3. We’re a technology educator, creating a new path for technology literacy and understanding its potential while providing opportunities for advanced learning.
  4. We’re a technology innovator, changing the shape of technology education and actively playing a role in technology advancement and creation.

When combined with curiosity, creativity and ambition of our users, Do Space will open new doors, change futures and shape ideas into tangible innovations.

At Do Space, there’s no limit to what you can do.  (from Do Space About)   
The media and tech department at Green Hills AEA spent the day at Do Space.  Watch this video of Judy and Maryann playing the drums and bongos with a banana.  Maryann gave up her lunch for a good cause.  

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