Personalize Your PD with Atomic Learning



Did you know that Atomic Learning has expanded far beyond just-in-time technology application assistance? If you want to “personalize your PD”, this is a great place to start!

Atomic Learning now provides innovative professional learning solutions to help address many of the common issues schools face today, including: Getting the Most from Technology Investments; Helping Teachers Succeed with Changing Instructional Practices; Engaging Students; Time for Training; and Preparing Staff and Students with Critical Workplace Skills. Their resources help connect the dots between instruction, learning, and life to engage today’s digital learners, while preparing teachers, staff, students, and parents alike with the skills needed for lifelong academic and career success!

Resources include: Instructional Strategy and Technology Integration workshops; Assessments for both students and teachers based off of the ISTE/NETS Standards with prescriptive training paths; Classroom-Ready Career and College Readiness Activities; Classroom Technology Integration Projects; ePortfolio storage space for staff and students; and much more!

Check out some of their newest and most popular Professional Development content:

If you want to learn more about some of the most popular social media sites and how you can incorporate them into your curriculum, check out:

Iowa educators and students can access the Atomic Learning resources by using their school’s Iowa AEA Online username and password. Contact your teacher librarian or AEA if you need assistance.

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