Formative Assessment – Quizizz

Quizizz is a free, multi-player “game” that is excellent for formative assessment and will keep students engaged! Create your own quiz or start with a public quiz, copy and edit it, then share it with your students. Students go to and simply enter the code! It works on all devices that can connect to the Internet. Unlike some similar tools, this one allows students to work at their own pace and it gives them immediate feedback.

Teachers get real-time feedback as students answer the questions. You can also track their progress as they work to see who is finished and who is still working through the questions. Once the quiz is over, the teacher can see a detailed report of students’ responses and can download the data to an Excel format.

Use this fun tool for: review, quiz or test-prep, self-paced student work, or to have students who are not at school take the quiz – they just need the code!

Quizizz is easy for a teacher to learn! Start with a public quiz before creating your own! Kids love it and it really helps to “change things up” once in awhile in your classroom! Add this one to your formative assessment tool kit!! I give it 2 thumbs up! 

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