Two Easy Ways to “Push” a Website to Student Computers

If you are using Chromebooks or the Chrome browser on laptops, here are 2 Chrome extensions that can make getting students to a particular website quick and easy…

If you and your students use Google Classroom, install the extension called “Share to Classroom“. Both you and your students will need to have this extension installed and be logged into Chrome. Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 3.59.37 PMThe extension allows you to push webpages to any of your Google Classroom classes, so that webpage opens instantly on students’ computers. Students get to webpages without having to type out a URL. They can also push a webpage to the teacher! For detailed instructions, go to Google’s Classroom Help Support Page.

Google Tone is another extension that allows you to easily share a webpage. Anyone wanting to share or receive a webpage must have the Tone extension installed. Then, simply navigate to the webpage you want to share and click the Tone extension button in Chrome. Tone will broadcast a sound through your computer’s speaker that can be “heard” by any other computer (including over the phone or in a Google Hangout) that has the Tone extension installed and is in hScreenshot 9:17:15, 3:56 PM-2earing range. A notification will pop up on the screen and with just a click, everyone can be on the same webpage! This extension is still experimental, however. I can broadcast a tone from my MacBook to my iMac, but not vice versa. I plan to try this with my Chromebook when I get time! Let me know if it works for you!

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