Google Classroom

Google Classroom, Google’s simple-to-use learning management system, rolled out a couple weeks ago. I think this is just the first iteration of their LMS and that more features will be added as time goes by. On the Google for Education training site, Google says,

“With Classroom, teachers will be able to:

Create and collect assignments

Classroom weaves together Google Docs, Drive and Gmail to help teachers create and collect assignments paperlessly. They can quickly see who has or hasn’t completed the work, and provide direct, real-time feedback to individual students.

Improve class communications

Teachers can make announcements, ask questions and comment with students in real time—improving communication inside and outside of class.

Stay organized

Classroom automatically creates Drive folders for each assignment and for each student. Students can easily see what’s due on their Assignments page.”

There is an app in the Chrome Web Store and Google Play for Google Classroom.

However, Google Classroom is still in its early stages so there are some issues that our districts are running into…

1. Teachers and students must be on the same domain in order for Classroom to work. We hope this will be changed soon!

2. Students can create classes! However, you can control who creates a classroom in the admin console. The admin can “reject” non-teachers! Google Admin – click here to learn how to do this!

3. You have to use Classroom to share or collect documents. You can’t just drag a document to the Classroom folder and have it show up for students.

Stay tuned… I just heard a rumor that teachers can see students’ “work in progress” – similar to Doctopus. I’m sure there will be constant changes and updates but don’t let that keep you from giving it a try!

More on Google Classroom:

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